The Transformative Leadership for Change Consulting Team

Cristina Aguilar is a queer Latinx activist, writer, healer and strategic consultant. Cristina hails from the U.S./Mexico borderlands and has dedicated her life to calling for human rights. She was previously the Executive Director for the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), where she led their efforts to develop young leaders and empower the Colorado Latinx community to shape policies that impact their lives. She co-founded the People of Color Caucus for One Colorado, an LGBTQ advocacy organization and is a board member of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH). Cristina is dedicated to dismantling white supremacy and systems of oppression while building bridges across movements, issues and communities. She was named a 2018 Political Rising Star by Denverite and was a German Marshall Fund U.S. Marshall Memorial Fellow and a Bonfils Stanton Foundation Livingston Fellow.

Cristina is also a reiki master healer dedicated to spiritual pursuits that blend and reclaim her family’s Mexican curanderisma lineage. She believes radical self-care, community care, and love will ensure we all thrive on the path to collective liberation.

Cristina Aguilar

Local facilitator
Aguilar Strategies

Taij Kumarie Moteelall

Artist | Activist | Social Entrepreneur

Born in Guyana and raised largely in the Bronx, NY, Taij Kumarie Moteelall is an Indo-Caribbean artist, activist and entrepreneur. She founded Standing in Our Power (SiOP), a network of cis and transgender women of color, and gender non-conforming folks of color, committed to co-creating a new story of holistic transformation, sustainability and wellness. She launched Media Sutra as a vehicle for self-determination, and supports clients to infuse their work with breakthrough strategies that allows them to be more visible, sustainable and impactful.

Taij has written and performed nationally and internationally, raised millions of dollars for social service and social justice organizations, established new organizations, transformed existing organizations, and supported leaders as a facilitator and coach. As the Director of Programs for Spirit in Action, she helped to revamp the organization’s mission, vision and theory of change, while supporting national networks to advance progressive communications, democratic education and transformative leadership. As the Executive Director of Resource Generation, Taij built an inclusive and sustainable organization while supporting young people with wealth to contribute millions of dollars to social movements. At East Harlem Tutorial Program she helped to more than double the agency’s budget, the number of young people served and the number of local sites where programming was offered. Taij is also a steering committee member of Jahajee Sisters, a movement building organization that organizes Indo-Caribbean women for gender justice.

Diana Marie Lee is an elder healing woman whose roots are African American and Cherokee Nation, from Tahlequah and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Diana has worked for over 26 years building the capacity of leaders and groups serving vulnerable communities including immigrants and refugees, youth, elders, labor activists, farmers, poor and low income, people with special health care needs and communities of color. A certified B Corp since 2012, Diana’s business Sweet Livity LLC delivers wellness and business coaching to support individuals and groups serving vulnerable communities to do their jobs to the fullest, with improved well-being, sustainability and results.

Diana’s commitment: help people and groups serve their communities with equity, excellence, purpose, aliveness and fun. In service of this commitment, Diana supports her clients to work in diverse cultural contexts so that everyone, regardless of identity and background, can fully engage in the organizational or community work with their whole, authentic powerful self. Diana has served as a core leader, coach and facilitator with Standing in our Power for the past five years. In this role, she loves helping leaders reclaim self-care and community care as cultural practices that support more effective leadership, collaboration and collective impact.

Diane Marie Lee

Founder and Principal of Sweet Livity LLC
Core Leader at Standing in Our Power

Founding Consulting Team

Davian has over 15 years of blended experience working in both the nonprofit and government sectors. She has deep experience with nonprofit development, fundraising, and social justice movement building. Most recently, she transitioned out of the nonprofit sector to be the Project Manager for the Transformative Leadership for Change Fellowship, which is dedicated to building the power and leadership of social change leaders of color in Colorado.

Davian is committed to social justice issues and is currently a commissioner for the Health Equity Commission for the Office of Health Equity at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and is an alum of the PLACES fellowship, a program of The Funders’ Network. She also served as a board member and grant committee co-chair for the Chinook Fund and served on Boulder County AIDS Project’s Inclusiveness Committee. Davian holds a master’s degree in social work and an undergraduate degree in psychology, both from the University of Denver.

Davian Gagne

Project Manager,
Transformative Leadership for Change
DCG Consulting, LLC

Robin Katcher

Associate Consultant &
Sr. Program Advisor
Management Assistance Group

Robin Katcher strengthens organizations, leaders, and networks on the front lines of social change. Her deep experience in social justice movements – as an organizer, educator, legislative advocate, and board member – informs her rigorous approach to building powerful organizations, leaders, and networks.

Robin joined MAG in 1999 and has held various roles during her tenure including Program Associate, Senior Consultant, and Deputy Director. She also served as MAG’s Managing Director from 2010-2014. In 2015, Robin assumed a new role at MAG as a Senior Program Advisor and Associate Consultant. In this new role, she will work on programs like the MAGLab and continue to work with our clients.

Robin has spearheaded MAG’s work supporting and transforming social justice efforts to more effectively operate at not just the organizational level but also at the leadership and network level in order to help build broad, long-term political power. She has led on the development of the Network Leadership Innovation Lab, a program of dialogue, analysis, and active learning to stimulate innovative thinking and identify ways to support leaders who operate at the intersection of organizations and networks.

Renee Fazzari is a consultant working to bring a culture of learning, innovation, and responsiveness to philanthropy. Clients have included philanthropic giving networks like Solidaire and the Funders Committee on Civic Participation. Previously, as a Program Officer at the General Service Foundation, she managed a grantmaking program to advance civic engagement, leadership, and justice in Colorado.

She served the boards of State Voices and the Funders Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP), developing particularly deep knowledge of civic engagement, voting, and organizing as critical tactics for communities building power. She has worked on several entrepreneurial projects in philanthropy such as providing vision and experimental frameworks to the State Infrastructure Funders Table, a working group of FCCP and helping organize funders to support leadership. Prior to her state infrastructure funding, she worked in environmental philanthropy, with leadership at the Environmental Grantmakers Association and as the Managing Director of the W.C. Kenney Watershed Protection Foundation, where she developed a community-directed grantmaking program focused on leadership.

Renee Fazzari


Cesiah Guadarrama

Project Coordinator

I was born in Morelos, Mexico and moved to Colorado when I was six years old. I started my path as an activist in 2011 by actively advocating the passage of Colorado ASSET which granted undocumented students in-state tuition. I started to work on immigration campaigns and movements in Colorado and throughout the nation. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Women’s Studies. I am a housing organizer with 9to5 Colorado and Colorado Homes for All. I am organizing in mobile home communities and pushing for more renters rights at the state level. My mother is my greatest inspiration. I have two younger brothers, I am the oldest. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and I am a proud Coloradan.

Desirae previously served as an Investments Associate with Gary Community Investments which Includes the Piton Foundation. In her role, she supported the Integrated Impact Investing Investment Team in the areas of Family Economic Security and Community and Economic Development.

Through her experience in both the public and private sectors, Desirae is utilizing values driven skills and a Social Justice Equity Framework from multiple disciplines. Coupled with passion, commitment, and vision, She remains dedicated to dismantling systemic and institutional oppression and manifest cross sector systems change. She now serves as the Project Coordinator for the Transformative Leadership for Change Fellowship Program.

Desirae graduated with a Bachelors in Chicano Studies and wrote an Individualized Degree Plan to complete her program in Social Justice and Community Building rooted in intersectional healing. She is on the Board for Sisters of Color United for Education/Heal Denver and lives with her partner, two daughters and doggie in Brighton, Colorado.

Desirae Salazar-Sarabia

Project Coordinator
Transformative Leadership for Change
Principal, Salazar-Sarabia Consulting, LLC