The TLC Fellows are the most important catalyst for increasing social change & strengthening the valuable networks within our communities

Criteria & Cohort:

“I personally have found ways to embody my own power that feel good to me. I have brought in more money (a lot) to my organization. I have created alliances that could be game changers for my field. I can see internally where I get scared of my own authentic brilliance, where I have played small, and I can see how I cannot continue to serve my communities in the way that they deserve if I continue to move in that way. I know for myself, I can never be the person or the way I was before the TLC, and I am only half way through the year. Seeing myself reflected in the power, the humanity, the sheer caliber of leadership in my peers in the circle has shifted everything for me.” Kristiana Huitrón, Executive Director, Voces Unidas for Justice

For the second cohort of TLC fellows, we are inviting leaders of color who serve in one of the following roles: 1) Deputy Directors/Organizing Directors 2) Program Manager, Policy Director, Project Manager, Manager, or other senior leadership that are in a position directly below the executive director of an organization and manages a project, program, and supervises staff. The cohort will include between 15-20 leaders of color and will start in January of 2019. Funders and field leaders are invited to share the fellowship application with their networks. The Design Team will review all candidates to select the right mix and balance in the cohort, and then ask candidates to go through a brief interview process to ensure readiness and commitment.


If selected, candidates will be asked to go through a brief interview process to ensure readiness and commitment. Selected fellows will then be asked to submit a Brief Bio and Headshot, and Personal Statement that will be featured on our website and shared with the broader community (2-3 paragraphs, max 1,500 characters- spaces are counted as characters).

Meetings & Design:

Over the course of 12 months, the cohort will meet via multi-day retreats that focus on curriculum at the intersection of transformative practice, racial justice, and ecosystem analysis. Retreats will be designed and facilitated by local and national facilitators of color. Monthly day-long sessions will take place during the 12 months that will allow for continued community building, peer coaching, and accountability.

TLC Fellowship Selection Timeline:

  • September 19th: Fellowship Application Deadline
  • September – mid-October: Fellowship Selections Process
  • Early October: Fellowship Invitations & Selection Announcements
  • November 16th: Fellow Orientation and Welcome
  • January 14th-18th 2019: Fellowship Program Launch

Save the Dates for 2018-2019

  • November 16th: Orientation and meet/greet with 2018 Cohort
  • January 14-18: Opening Retreat
  • February 15: Full Day Convening
  • March 15: Full Day Convening
  • April 19: Full Day Convening
  • May: 17 Full Day Convening
  • June 21: Full Day Convening 
  • July: No meeting Convening
  • August 13, 14, 15, 16: Final Retreat (4 days)
  • September 20: Full Day Convening
  • October 18: Full Day Convening
  • November 15: Orientation and meet/greet with 2020 Cohort

Financial Support:

The fellowship will be paired with financial assistance, including a $5,000 award provided to the individual fellow (not the organization) upon acceptance into the cohort.

If you have additional questions, please contact Davian Gagne, Project Manager at