Alexandra Alonso, Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy, & Research Organization

Being a part of the TLC has been a truly “transformative” experience for me. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share space with some of the most caring, supportive, insightful and powerful leaders of color who are at the helm of organizations serving marginalized communities all around Colorado. TLC has been an incredible conduit for me to build deeply trusting relationships with leaders in a way that would not have been possible in any other environment or programmatic format. My Fellow TLC brothers and sisters have become instrumental thought partners, partners in existing programmatic and advocacy programs, and strategic collaborators on new projects that will move us toward our 25 year vision for Colorado. This Fellowship is rooted in connection with our ancestors, personal and community healing, approaching our work in a collaborative way, building community power, and working together towards a future that we imagine for Colorado that is intrinsically connected with community.

Being the leader of a nonprofit organization is often a lonely and isolated position to begin with, especially when leading an organization that focuses on eliminating inequities and injustices that are entrenched in the systems and institutions our communities are navigating. It’s easy to become daunted, run until you’re on “empty,” and feel like there’s no solution to the issues that impact Colorado’s underserved communities. I am fortunate enough to have been selected to be one of this year’s TLC cohort which has become my beacon of hope, my lifeline when I’m feeling stuck, an incredible source of strength and joy, food for my soul, and the kindle that continually reignites the fire in my spirit to continue our collective work to achieve, not just equity, but liberation for our communities. I am in deep gratitude for this Fellowship, for our TLC family, and for the work that we will do far beyond this year because this experience brought us together.