“I personally have found ways to embody my own power that feel good to me. I have brought in more money (a lot) to my organization. I have created alliances that are game changers for my field. I can see internally where I get scared of my own authentic brilliance, where I have played small. I cannot continue to serve my communities in the way that they deserve if I continue to move in that way. I know for myself, I can never be the person or the way I was before TLC. Seeing myself reflected in the power, the humanity and the sheer caliber of leadership in my peers in the circle has shifted everything for me.”

Kristiana Huitrón, Executive Director, Voces Unidas for Justice

The TLC Fellows are the most important catalyst for sparking change throughout our social justice movement ecosystem 

Fellowship Overview:

The TLC fellowship sparks transformation within individuals, organizations, collaborative spaces, and the larger ecosystem.  We recognize that unless we work at all four levels, leaders of color will not operate in conditions of sustainability or success.  The TLC fellowship is not a typical “leadership development program” because strong and powerful BIPOC leaders already exist throughout our ecosystem.  TLC invites fellows into a journey of deeper reflection, growth and transformation – to sustain, strengthen and evolve their leadership towards greater liberation. Fellows gain the opportunity to root their leadership practice in racial and healing justice; build a supportive peer network; and make ecosystem level change together.

The TLC Fellowship includes:

  • 12 months of programming, including multi-day healing retreats and monthly day-long sessions
  • $5,000 individual stipend to support leadership journey
  • Peer coaching training 
  • Access to individual leadership coaching by TLC staff
  • Access to resource directory of local/national BIPOC vendors, consultants and TA providers
  • Opportunities to build relationships with local and national funders
  • Unique funding opportunities for TLC-affiliated organizations
  • Membership in a powerful and influential network of TLC alumni

This opportunity, which is valued at thousands of dollars, is offered at no cost for fellows. TLC intentionally offers this deep investment into BIPOC leaders in exchange for a commitment by fellows to fully participate and become an agent of change in our ecosystem.  Please see our Fellowship Overview & FAQ document for more details.


Meet TLC Cohort 4

Criteria & Cohort:

For the 2023-2024 TLC Fellowship, we are inviting black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) leaders who serve in a senior leadership or management role – but who are NOT in an executive director or co-executive director role.  This includes deputy directors, organizing directors, policy directors, development directors – and others who carry significant organizational management and leadership responsibilities.  

Fellows must also:

  1. Work in organizations which are building power with poor/working class communities and/or people of color across a range of strategies (including but not limited to: community organizing, electoral power, advocacy/policy, arts/culture change, healing justice, cooperative economics/wealth building.)
  2. Work in Colorado based organizations that are a non-profit, have a non-profit fiscal sponsor or have a non-profit arm of their work.
  3. Be invested in building a social justice movement in Colorado across organizations, communities, constituencies, sectors, etc.
  4. Be committed to supporting one another’s leadership, holding the best intentions for each other, and being open to transforming conflicts that exist or emerge.
  5. Be willing to engage in conversations about race, power, privilege, internalized oppression and intersections of identities.
  6. Be able to attend all of the monthly sessions and retreats in the 12 month period (see below).

A team of TLC fellows from previous cohorts will review all eligible applications, conduct interviews and select the final group of leaders for the 2023-2024 cohort. If you have any questions about filling out this application please contact: tania@transformativeleadershipforchange.org

TLC Fellowship Selection Timeline:

January 12th: Application Deadline (please submit by midnight)
Mid January – Mid February: Fellowship Selection Process
March- April: Fellowship Invitation and 1:1 Orientation Meetings

2023-2024 Fellowship Dates


June 30th: Fellowship Day & Opening Ceremony
July 28th- 31st: Retreat
August 25: Fellowship Day
September 21 & 22: Peer Coaching Training (Virtual)
Oct 27: Fellowship Day
December 1st: Fellowship Day


January 26th: Fellowship Day
February 23rd: Fellowship Day
March 29: Fellowship Day
April 26th-29th: Retreat
May 31st: Fellowship Day
June 28th: Closing Ceremony & Graduation

Fellowship programming will be held in the Denver metro area and retreats will be held in Front Range mountain locations. We will provide travel stipends and accommodations for fellows traveling from outside the Denver metro area.