Our Beginnings

Seven progressive organizations in Colorado that build power with low-income people and communities of color came together to create a new state-wide transformative leadership development program for leaders of color. It supports their development, build community, and ensures the state ecosystem enables their leadership.

This group spent more than a year grappling with the challenge, while building their relationships and deepening an understanding of what is missing in the leadership landscape in Colorado. The program was developed by a design team of connected leaders with a sharp analysis of structural barriers to success and an increased network of support.

Through 2015-2016, the Design Team’s research and experimentation phase was supported by the General Service Foundation and an expert consultant to anchor the Team’s learning and design process. In Spring 2017, the Design Team, with the support of national consultants, developed a prototype of the TLC program informed by the research and experimentation phase. Other local and national funders have been a part of the development phase and will continue to play an important role with the fellowship as it grows.