Rerooting in Arts & Culture: TLC Awarded Imagine 2020 Grant

Arts and culture have long been rooted within communities of color and social justice movement building, but often times it can be separated from the work.

Earlier this year, TLC fellows started to reimagine how arts and culture can be integrated into the fellowship. They landed on establishing an artist in residence for TLC and we started looking for ways to bring this to life. Specifically, they wanted to find a community artist who could facilitate the integration of art into the productive flow of movement-building work and help transform TLC 25-year vision for social, environmental, and economic justice into a work of art. In early October 2018, we were awarded a grant in the amount of $3,500 to support an artist in residence. Read full press release here.

Local artist, Faatma Mehrmanesh, is bringing her gifts to TLC and crafting a piece that will represent TLC’s 25-year vision. Faatma is deeply connected to communities of color across Denver and has created a number of pieces for local nonprofits and other groups. TLC is grateful for the support from Imagine 2020 and looking forward to more fully integrating arts and culture into its work.